On your feet kids!

One of the single most interesting activities that a family can undertake together, even better when its in nature and away from the hustle and bustle of life and uninterrupted by technology.

Most communities have identified National Parks with way marked walks of different distances that are great for families. Some are local and some obviously need some planning to get to. Whether you live inner city or in a rural town, there will always be something to walk.

There are many ways to find places to walk. Local councils and wild life trusts have maps and websites to explore their routes and there are an abundance of apps for navigation one of which being View Ranger. (www.viewranger.com) Their maps show walking paths in standard maps, however certain regions require users to pay for more detailed maps. You can use this app to plan routes or find locally recommended and popular routes. It is a great way of easily planning to take everyone out.

Walks require a little bit of planning and a little bit of bossiness. It is essential everyone has the right footwear and clothing, has a suitable rain jacket/ windbreaker for the conditions.  Clothing is fairly reasonable if you look about. There is  no need for the latest North Face jacket or Rab technical trousers. There are plenty of budget outdoor shops selling the likes of North Ridge, Regatta and Craghoppers that will easily handle a days walking and last for many years.

There also needs to be consideration for snacks and refreshments. Simple bags of crisps, granola bars and bottles of water will do, however it is much more fun to make some snacks as a family before.

Thought also needs to be given to the ability of the group and matching this to the route and distance of your planned walk. Often it is a good idea to start off with smaller distances and build to epic walks that take all day. It saves on ear ache from tired teens and blister patches for those who are not yet used to their walking shoes.

You can combine your walking experience with other activities, picnicking, scavenger hunts, shelter building or camping out to make the adventure more amazing!