Looking to the sea

14192662-10153654993967167-3081242601538436342-n_1The sea. It’s beautiful, wild and ever changing. One of the largest forces of nature.

A great place to start any conversation with your children about the complications of our world. It’s mystical beauty is something that mesmerizes us, yet at the same time, it terrifies us.

As you can see, CJ has been playing at the beach from an early age. Being raised on the North East coast of Ireland, the sea and the shore have played a massive part of evolving my life and I love passing that love and enthusiasm onto him.

At home we have a sand pit that we love getting him into. He loves the sensory feedback of his hands and face on the sand as well as scooping it out onto the patio for us to sweep up! But there is nothing better than getting him out onto the shore; shoes and socks off and playing in the sand and surf.

Even at only 13 months he got a lot out of playing at the beach, all year round. Now he is older we go and gather things: drift wood, stones, pebbles and shells.  We arrange them in many fun ways.

I have one great activity to do on a cold day at the beach. (Any day will do, but its much more fun when its chilly!)