Learning the Basics – Is Basic First Aid training relevant?

First aid is a skill that is often publicly associated with the workplace volunteer that takes a dim view of people using too many plasters from the office first aid kit – or equally boring hours sitting in front of powerpoint presentations, carefully sculpted slide transitions and Youtube clips of rescues and efficient CPR. The moment the line manager asks for a volunteer, either the same person throws their hand up, or everyone scuttles so as not to make eye contact.

First aid is a bit of a dark topic, especially in the workplace. It is always difficult to change this paradigm. However, the role of the first aider is not one that needs to be daunting or overly professional.  Basic First Aid skills save lives and thats what counts.

When it comes down to saving lives, the worst can happen at any time. Having some basic skills to preserve life when it is needed can be the most helpful.


First aid is a practical skill and at Summit we treat it as that – something that needs practice and refinement through doing. Powerpoint presentations on our courses are few and designed to guide, but the overwhelming thrust of our first aid training is practical.

When you make training practical, especially when those skills need to be remembered in a time of stress, practice makes permanent. When it comes to that moment when a person becomes a causality and you come to that realisation that you are the one that needs to step in – having some well practiced skills is important.


We offer 4 hour Basic life saving courses to allow our clients the opportunity to sharpen the emergency skills they have learned and for new clients, add to their knowledge of first aid to make them capable of managing difficult situations in any and every environment.


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