Awakening Nene White Water

We are always looking for new venues to visit when running our First aid courses. This journey is an exciting but often exasperating one. Finding somewhere to host a course which meets all our needs, that’s a challenge. We often need somewhere comfortable for clients as rugged as Sea kayakers as well as comfortable for the less hardy. Additionally to comfort we also need a venue that has good access to a great outdoor area with a wide variety of features to make scenarios interesting and engaging. The Nene offered this in abundance.


In years gone by I had visited the Nene White Water centre in my earlier paddling days. Even then the course and facilities were showing their age and needed a huge overhaul. It was a shame to see such a great venue past its best. It saddened me a the time, despite the fun I enjoyed paddling the artificial course as a beginner.

Olympic changes

With the arrival of the course at Lee Valley in 2012, it seemed White Water had a new home in the South, overshadowing places like Cardington, Nene and HPP.

It was purely by chance in recent years I was looking again for venues to host first aid training courses in the Midlands that the Nene really sprung up once again. I was taken back by the news of its new rebrand and refurbishment.

Nene First Aid

The new owners have really tried their upmost to bring the centre back to its former glory. The centre is in the middle of a complete overhaul looking to attract a wider range of clients that may have overlooked this iconic and exciting venue.

New and renewed

For us it has proved to be an amazing venue to host ITC Outdoor First Aid courses. The refurbishments to the conference room and Cafe have allowed us to deliver our courses in a professional and comfortable location while enjoying the benefits of a varied location for outdoor scenarios. It also presents the opportunity to broaden the range of courses we can deliver in the Midlands.

So, if you are looking for an ideal venue to host a conference, CPD or training course, the Nene Active Whitewater Centre could be just the place for you!

If you are interested in joining one of our Outdoor first aid courses at the Nene, or if you would like more information on other products that we offer, please feel free to contact us! Admin@trainwithsumit.com