ITC Level 2 Basic Life Support and Defibrillator Training

Some low risk environments require an ‘appointed person’ to have only basic responsibilities for maintaining first aid kits and keeping records with no mention of first aid skills or training. Our Level 2 Basic Life Saving and AED award gives staff essential skills in managing situations of collapse and enable people in any environment to be confident in looking after others.

In some clinical NHS environments such as GP surgeries and dental practices, there is a requirement for basic CPR and AED (defibrillator) training for clinical staff. This course meets the standards required for clinical competency.

This course is also popular for those who live and work in more rural areas which may have a public access defibrillator. Although no training is needed to use an AED, many clients share with us their confidence at deploying a defibrillator when required with skill and accuracy because of the basic training they have attended. Being precise, practiced and efficient in the AED’s deployment saves lives.

These courses are run on a monthly open basis, however we do offer in house training to GP and Dental surgeries, Schools and sports clubs, to groups as small as 4 candidates, where an AED is located and staff need to be kept updated about its use.

Please do contact us for details.