Skills are key. With a little bit of time, anyone can develop basic balance and skill in moving a boat. With a little bit of coaching and instruction, new paddlers can become quickly developed and adept in their chosen craft, however, coaching doesn’t end there. Paddlers often reach a plateau, whether it be in a new boat or new situation, it can be off-putting when no amount of effort makes improvements. Once again, as with beginning the sport, coaching can play a key role in improvement and mastery.

We offer coached sessions for beginners and improvers at various locations throughout the South East and Northern Ireland. We can offer coaching in various paddlesport disciplines helping to introduce, improve or develop your skills in the water.

Coaching can be booked on a group or one to one basis or in a group – it is often cheaper per person to book as a group.

Usual coaching price card (subject to review)
Individual    up to 3 3+ paddlers
1 hours Coaching £35 £60 £95
2 hours Coaching £65 £120 £190
3 hours Coaching £95 £160 £280

If you are interested in booking a session Contact us and we can discuss available sessions and times.