Teaching & Assessing

ITC First

Summit Training is a centre approved by the Awarding Organisation ITC First Ltd. As well as delivering ITC First qualifications ourselves, we also train others to become independent First Aid Trainers or even new ITC Centres.

ITC First is the only UK wide Awarding Organisation to offer an extensive range of First Aid Qualifications from both the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) as well as operating a range of non-accredited first aid qualifications for specific markets or industires you may wish to deliver.

ITC First is a fast growing awarding organisation. They are actively expanding the range of qualifications that you can deliver through them.

The Level 3 Award in Teaching and Assessing First Aid Qualifications (TAFAQ) is a great pathway to start on the journey to becoming a full time trainer. The course allows an insight into the industry and the elements of the industry which are often mystifying to those on the outside looking in as well as an opportunity to observe and reflect on some of the standard elements  that make up a basic first aid session.

Whether you are keen on the teaching and assessment elements of the process or the first aid specific elements, the course allows the candidates to develop their understanding in both to a level that allows them to confidently deliver basic ITC first training and begin the developmental journey into the wider portfolio of training available.

It is hoped candidates will already hold a Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work – a basic requirement for all trainers in the industry,  before attending this course. If this is a difficulty, we can support candidates in locating and accessing these courses.

Course Programme – the what and the how.

The programme of delivery covers three main areas and is delivered in a finely balanced way to build a clearer picture for the candidates throughout the process.

  • Understanding the first aid training sector.
  • Delivering regulated first aid training and qualifications.
  • Assessment in the first aid training sector.

The course time is reflected in an entire course time of 120 hours however is is separated into constituent blocks of 40+ hours tutor contact time with 80+ hours remaining dedicated to reflection, research, preparation and the focused delivery of two “Micro-teach” session that round off the assessment for the course.

Days will last approximately 7 hours per day, from 0900 until 1700 with some open access time at the ned of that day to allow candidates to seek additional advice and support with the preparation of assignments and planning.


The assessment of this qualification is predominately through tutor observation of competence throughout the course of the 5-days but there us also the addition of 20 question multiple choice question paper in addition to the regular process. Candidates will have continued feedback as to the areas that are successful and the areas that need focus.

If you are interested in a new career as a trainer and would like more information about this course as a method of training to access the industry, please feel free to get in touch. we are always willing and keen to answer any of your questions.